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This post has already published on April's blog but since I am a busy bee this weekend (see previous post) I thought it would be nice to post my review here too!

A product I have been loving throughout September has to be MAC's Crew Highlight. I never thought I'd be investing in a product like this, as coming from a huge lipstick lover I'd usually be swayed elsewhere. When I saw it on offer online, I had to snap it up. 

Once swatching it, from the mixture of shades and textures it didn't look like a highlighter, a lot more like a blusher. It has three main colours to it, a warm peach, a soft pink and a hint of lilac, and once mixed together make the most gorgeous pink, quite similar to my Benefit Hervana blusher. Once applied, you can see in the light how it gives you the most subtle shimmer, perfect for me. It most definitely makes me look like I've had a lovely night's sleep, a rarity! 

I apply the highlight on my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose and under my eyebrows for the nicest effect. It is a buildable product though, with such a pale pink hint to it, you could wear it just as a blush if you'd wish to do so. I though't I'd be the type of girl looking for a real silver-typed highlighter, but when it comes to it, the hint of pink definitely appeals more to me, being a blonde.

I've been applying this my swirling my Real Techniques Blusher Brush in the highlight, mixing all the tons to create one colour, but you can definitely use a smaller brush to pick out which part of the highlighter you wish to apply, which in all honesty is like a dream for me. I tend to bulk buy beauty products and leave them sitting in a drawer if I get bored, who doesn't? The reasoning behind buying this was to give me more flexibility of what toned highlight I'd want, and this does the job.

If you're looking for brighter makeup, this a product built for you. It does come across quite chalky when you swatch it, but once blended in it really is lovely.

That's all for now! 
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