Hey Guys,

This little beauty has found it's way into my skincare routine and I'm loving it. I have combination skin that is sometimes dry, sometimes oily and is prone to spots (and I'm in my twenties, go away already!) After receiving this through my letterbox, I was very intrigued to see if it would make any difference to my skin. It's even taken a trip to Paris with me.

I know many people will cringe at the thought of this, but the only thing that's ever exfoliated my skin before has been those £1 body exfoliating gloves that you buy in Primark, paired with a facial scrub. My skin is tough to smooth out for some unknown reason, and it is a pain. I usually do this every few days, as it does make my skin a bit sensitive, but does the job.


It has two settings: Deep Clean and Sensitive. I personally choose the Deep Clean setting as it works better with my skin, but I know when my skin is feeling particularly vulnerable I have the opportunity to use the other setting too, which is good. I tend to over-do the exfoliating, so the Lucid* helps me use it in 20 second bursts in each facial area, so after 1 minute it automatically turns off. So for any of you lazy girls that want to exfoliate, here is your solution! This includes me, I am a lazy girl.

As well as it being super small so it is easy to take travelling (Lucid has been to Liverpool, Newcastle, London and France with me!) I am absolutely in love with the way it charges. The whole product is waterproof, and the charge is a wireless 'clink' charger which means it sticks to the Lucid magnetically, and plugged into the little device. It also comes with both UK and EU adapters, perfect for travelling again!

The Magnitone Lucid doesn't exfoliate as deeply as my awful £1 exfoliating glove, but that's probably a good thing. Using this every day exfoliates my skin a lot better, helping it cleanse and get into my poors in a gentle way instead of me scrubbing about 5 layers of skin off! I'm incredibly grateful to have received this product, as my skin feels a lot smoother and less sensitive since introducing it into my routine!

You can buy it (here) and it comes in Pink, Blue, Green and Yellow!

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