I had a reason to get my nails all pretty to review the INM Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat Polishes* in silver glitter and gold glitter. I used Barry M's 'Berry' underneath so you could see the effects of the glitter.

left hand: gold glitter

right hand: silver glitter

Comparing the two, the gold stands out more than the silver. They are both gorgeous top coats, leave no chips and seal in nail varnishes together. I applied two coats of each to test them on each hand. These photos really don't do the varnish justice and I think I'll layer a coat of each on next time I use them.

I love how they are top coat polishes and not a normal varnish with tons of glitter in them. I like to be able to see the base colour along with a bit of glitter (I am very impartial to glittery nails if you haven't already noticed).

You have to shake the bottles up before using them as the glitter settles at the bottom, which is what I normally do anyway every time I paint my nails. On first impressions before use, I would have gone straight for the silver as it looks so sparkly, and silver matches my outfits more. However, upon use the gold is not as 'yellow' looking as in the bottle, shining through like little stars, hence the name 'Northern Lights'. 

You can buy the gold polish and the silver from Jica for £9.35 each.

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