So last thursday I was having a nose on Instagram and saw a few bloggers receive these gorgeous Benefit sets sent out to them, I was in awe! The thing that struck me was the personalised eye mask first, since it's not something you come across often. Anyway, I went to Tesco and bought the latest Elle magazine (£4) as I knew I wanted to try Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara before the full size was released in March. I came home and tried it out, and I much prefer it to They're Real as the brush seems better.

I came back from town, and saw I had a missed parcel slip, and had no idea what is was. After trying to find a tracking number and a little kerfuffle, this parcel came to me this morning. It was a gorgeous pink box filled with little treats. It also included the Elle magazine, but two for me is good as I can use some of the images for a little DIY project I'll be doing in a few months.

The box included:

A personalised eye mask - if you haven't already gathered from this blog and all my social media platforms, I'm called Laura..
A full sized 'It's Potent' eye cream - I have a mini version and a full sized version of this already, and I swear by it as a holy grail product for under eye bags and discoloration.
A #rollerlash hair towel. I have never had one of these, nor mastered the use of them. Andy's sister Helen had to attempt to put one on my head the one time I washed my hair at their house. I'm sure this will help me learn to use it!
A mini 'Puff Off'. Since the release of this under eye cream that waves goodbye to puffiness, I have meant to go to a benefit counter to try this out. I'll be using this soon and posting a mini review next week.
A mini mirror, to apply #rollerlash
'The Book of Little Cocktails' which is a perfect book to learn to make your own. Despite having a single cocktail glass in my kitchen, I'm yet to make my own. 
Eyelash curlers, branded with biohazard tape - no need for eyelash curlers with Roller Lash!

I'm ever so grateful to the lovely Benebabes for kindly sending me this box. I fully intend to spend friday evening pampering myself and having a rest from writing out my dissertation. The box will be great for storing my Benefit products, which I have a lot of.

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