Since becoming a fan of Benefit in my early teens, their packaging and promotion has always stood out to me from other brands. I have a fair amount of makeup, from Porefessional to tons of boxed blushers, including products like They're Real Mascara and Liner. When I heard Roller Lash was coming out, I was intrigued to try it out. I am personally a big brush kinda gal, loving volume and incredibly black lashes. They're Real Mascara looks lovely on my eyes, but I'm so clumsy that I tend to poke myself in the eye with the spiky wand that I only use it when I make extra time to do my makeup otherwise I end up with a watering eye, not an attractive look. When I had the opportunity to try the sample sizes out, I seized it. The day I bought the Elle magazine, was also the day I received this lovely gift, including another sample size.

The 'hook 'n' roll' element of this mascara stood out to me. Having curled, long lashes is an attractive quality in lashes in my opinion. If you look on my photo, you can see tiny little hooks that help grip your lashes and pull the mascara through, making you say goodbye to eyelash curlers. Confession time - I'm lucky not to use them anyway. I even have Ted Baker rose gold ones, and they sit as an ornament next to my makeup palettes... The mascara is significantly black, accentuating my lashes without them looking like spiders legs.

Another thing is the lasting time. According to Benefit, it is said to last for 12 hours as it has a curve-setting formula. Does this last? Yes. I've never had a mascara that lasts all day looking the same as it does when it first goes on. With this said, I need to use more Bioderma on a pad to gently lift it off my lashes. The lasting power is the best feature, since other mascaras I've used have began to flake off, especially on those long hour days.

Overall, I like this mascara. I don't think I'll ever be completely sold on a comb-type wand as opposed to a brush, because I am dosey and brushes don't hurt my eyes when I am quickly applying mascara. The lasting time is great and is definitely worth the investment, especially if the main element for you is lasting power. The fact I have two sample sizes instead of a full sized product is fabulous to adding to my handbag or travel bag, since I have a lot I like to carry around with me. If this formula came with a brush, it would be on a whole new level, but that's personal preference, not a fault of the actual mascara. The Roller Lash mascara is valued at £19.50.

Puff Off is designed to smooth out creases and reduce the look of 'puffies' under the eyes with light diffusing particles in the formula. It is an eye gel that should be applied in the morning to reduce puffy skin under the eye. I applied this for a few days on the run, in the morning before my makeup to see whether it was worth the hype. I have been using It's Potent since around September and whilst I haven't really tried other eye creams or gels, it has been doing the job for me pretty well. You may have noticed I sometimes have 'double' bags under my eyes in photos, but this is down to a chronic condition I have, not so much lack of sleep, so I have to bear this in mind when trying eye products.

Anyway! The full sized sample has an 'iron' applicator to go with the promotion of the product, which I think is so different to what you see normally on the market and the inner magpie in me loves the sight of a shiny element to a product, it reminds me of the iron you used to see on Monopoly. The product is a peach kind of colour, to blend in with skin tones well, including mine. 

On application, it instantly feels like it is soothing my skin, absorbing relatively normal in relation to other products. Once I applied foundation and concealer over the top, I didn't see the application of products on top any different to normal, meaning I can go about putting my makeup on without it moving all over the place. I have combination skin, and did not notice it affected this in any way. Overall, it did it's job and I have decided to wear this every day if I'm not wearing It's Potent, since it makes my eyes brighter and I look more awake. If I ever run out of It's Potent, this will be high on my shopping list, and is valued at £22.50.

Have you tried out any of the new Benefit products?

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