Hey Guys. I love Valentine's Day, and finding a card is important. You want a card that suits your partner, and cheap shops in town don't really cut it for me. These are Made With Love cards.

I received the "Cool Lobster Valentines Day Love Card" £3.50* and the "Love You to the Moon and Back Valentines Card" £3.50* to review. My favourite has to be the latter, since they included my boyfriend's name Andy on it too. The good thing about Made With Love cards is that there is huge selection of Valentines cards available, along with cards and gifts for weddings and other events.

The Moon and back card is really cute, and adding a name to personalise it is a lovely touch. Adding anything personal to a card shows that you love making an effort to your partner, since you haven't just gone to a shop and bought the first one you saw. The prices start at £3.50, going up to £19.95 for the cards with necklaces attached. This is more expensive than the average card, but they're unique and are of good quality.

The only thing that puts me off the lobster card is that I really do not like crabs or lobsters, but this I can just about deal with! I personally love the Tattoo card and the Gold Arrow necklace gift cards the most, since they appeal to my taste. The website also offers cards with a chocolate lollipop which is another cute touch. 

I apologise for my images! The high quality ones belong to Made With Love, and the others mine, being that I had to use my iphone camera as this post needed to be up quicker than usual, since it's now a week until V-Day! Make sure to find the perfect card on the website. The people working there are lovely and easy to talk to, so make sure to send them any questions if you need help!

Hope you all like this post, and enjoy my other V-day posts.

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