First let me start of by saying a huge apology for the awful quality of my photos! I didn't have Andy's camera to use and for some reason my iPhone decided it wanted to play games and no matter how many times I uploaded a photo it stayed at this quality! However, the focus is the lashes here, not 'how not to take a photo'.

The reason I've used the stock image that was sent to me is because I did originally take photos, and my laptop (you've probably already seen me rant about this on twitter) has decided to start breaking and I lost my photos. Again, I apologise profusely. These are the Invogue Lashes in 'Glamourise #5' worth £2.99* which you can buy online on*. 

When I was 17/18 and first started 'going out' I used to wear super thick lashes like these and I felt like a princess. I felt amazing and that everyone would stare at me in awe over my lashes. I felt good in them and that was all that mattered. These days I tend to wear more natural looking lashes, but decided it would be a little nostalgic to review these to show you if my opinions have changed.

The lashes are very thick and long! I feel like they can touch my eyebrows when I have them on. I'd only ever wear these on a night out, and to wear them again I would probably trim them down so they weren't as long. I love how black they look though, you can tell from the other eye on my pics that even the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara isn't that black in comparison.

I really didn't like the glue that came with these. It's clear which is good, but isn't sticky enough to keep them on. I found the application harder than usual using this glue and would definitely use an Eyelure glue in the future. This is a common problem with people who wear false lashes though.

Overall, I love the colour and texture of the lashes, but not how long they are. I would feel more comfortable with them being shorter but that's why if I was to buy a pair online, I'd go with a thinner, shorter pair. Each to their own though, if you love lashes like these then have a try of the Invogue Glamourise as you will probably get on with them well! Just bring your own glue.

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