This is a product you don't see often in the beauty industry; a 'beauty trimmer'. It's called the Yoso Trim Beauty Trimmer*. I had never heard of something like this before, and with fine, blonde hair and eyebrows I didn't think I would ever need to remove unwanted facial hair. 

To be honest the concept did scare me a little, putting a razor near your face?! Yep, really not as bad as I thought. You can use it on eyebrows, the hairline, the upper lip and any other area of your face where you are prone to unwanted hair. Since I was a little nervy anyway, I tried it out on my boyfriend. Seriously. He has thick black eyebrows and I always pluck some of the strays above where his eyebrows should actually be (sorry Andy). I don't touch the underneath as he still wants to look 'manly', whatever that means. When I saw I could use this, I asked him and he seemed happy to be my little guinea pig for the evening. Firstly, this is incredibly quick to use. I tend to sit there plucking eyebrows for about half an hour but this was done within a few minutes.

It also comes with an attachment for a 'long' and 'short' trim, and you can use it without too. In this case since I was removing hair, I did not use the attachment, but it is easy to get it on and off. It comes with a little razor brush too, to get rid of trimmed hairs. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the Yoso Trim. The size is pretty handy, easy to pack away for travelling when you simply must have groomed brows.You can view the Youtube video (here) to have a look at how it is used in person.
It costs £17.99 from, fairly inexpensive for a beauty product these days.The only thing you need to make sure of when using is that you have one AAA battery, which isn't a problem if you have them lying around, it isn't a rechargeable product. I am quite satisfied with the Yoso Trim, maybe I will even use it on my own brows next time.
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