I began my health and fitness journey a few weeks ago and with exercise comes the need for new hygiene products. I love feeling fresh, who doesn't, and the need for a switch up from my usual sugar scrubs and fruity shower gels was imminent. The need for a deep clean after a workout is worth the extra time spent, and Activbod Pick Me Up Scrub* makes it a dream.

I tend to use a fruity shower gel to wash with and then go in with a sugar scrub to exfoliate. After I've exercised there is nothing more than I love than getting in a warm shower with tea or mint scented body washes. Here is the twist - Activbod made this multipurpose product so you can wash as usual whilst the micro-scrubbing particles get to work on gently exfoliating the skin to remove sweat and dirt. This is particularly great for me since I have fairly sensitive skin and the Pick Me Up Scrub hasn't irritated it at all.
Not only does my skin feel refreshed but I feel all lovely after, especially since working out can make you feel a bit sluggish afterwards. I can get on with the rest of my day feeling clean. I have used this on days where I haven't been exercising but it doesn't half make you feel happier and refreshed. The Pick Me Up Scrub will be a joy to use on holiday since the sun makes you hot and sweaty once you've been sunbathing too.
I quite like this product. It isn't the most fresh feeling scrub I've used. If the Original Source Mint and Tea Tree shower gel was combined with this, I would be obsessed with it and wouldn't put it down! For using it a couple of times a week, it is great for a (how do I say pick me up without being 'punny'?)  refreshed feeling post-workout.
The Pick Me Up Scrub is £8.00 from Boots.
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