You've seen me talk about this brand before, and I was kindly sent a goodie bag box* with their new range in to review. The box included their Pre-Toning Primer, Ultra Firm Hairspray, Revitalising Dry Shampoo, Instant Shine Dry Shampoo, Intensive Shine Treatment Shots, Intensive Keratin Treatment Shots, Brightening Shampoo, Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner, Intensive Condition and of course, some M&Ms! I've spoken about hair a far bit on my blog, from shampoos to extensions and after working in a salon for a short period of my life it's safe to say that I'm not too bad at giving 
some recommendations.

The Pre-Toning Primer can be used before dying your hair blonde or used as a leave-in conditioner which is what I use it for. My hair feels a lot softer since I began using it after every wash whilst my hair was damp. It doesn't come out purple or stain the hair in case it looks like it would. The Ultra Firm Hairspray with UV Absorber is a really strong hair spray that is perfect for curling your hair. It stays in that well that the extensions that I curled but didn't use for graduation still look exactly the same! The Revitalisng Dry Shampoo with UV Absorber is used to refresh your hair inbetween washes and to add a bit of volume. I only spritz this into the roots as my hair is thick and frizzy and definitely doesn't need any more volume. The Instant Shin Dry Conditioner is great for those who want to refresh between washes but don't want the obvious "I've used talc in my hair" look as it doesn't give the same effect in my opinion. The only days I wouldn't use this on is if I really couldn't get away with using dry shampoo on greasy hair as it would add shine where it wasn't desired.

I've worked in a salon and these little beauties were compared to "Botox for hair". In salons you use this with a syringe (without needle) to 'inject' the product into the roots and to massage it through the length of the hair to give it an 'oomph' whilst making it slightly thicker. I don't use a syringe for both the Intensive Shine Treatment Shots & Intensive Keratin Treatment Shots but follow instructions and they work every time. I have had Keratin treatments before but the aftercare products smell like bananas which I can't stand - so these are a great alternative.

You may recognise the rest of these products. Provoke have slightly rebranded and changed them to improve them. Although the Brightening Shampoo & Intensive Conditioner have decreased in size they are still as good quality! In my opinion, the only thing that has changed with these and the Colour Care Shampoo & Conditioner is that they are easier to get out of the tube! The conditioners aren't as thick which makes it a lot easier (especially someone who has a condition that makes gripping things sometimes painful!).

I've always enjoyed using the Touch Of Silver products and these have only improved. I had no idea they would be bringing out products that are used in salons or dry shampoo, although I probably should have expected it! The whole range (excluding the yummy m&ms) are available in Boots now!

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