False eyelashes aren't for everyone but for me, I adore them. I have fairly long eyelashes anyway but as a blonde with the constant fear that my eyelashes (and brows) will not be noticeable, false eyelashes are great. I have hooded eyes and anyone who does too will know the pain of doing your eyeshadow and lashes perfectly for them then to be hidden under those dreaded hoods. Here's where the Esqido Unforgettable Lashes* and Lash Companion* come into play.

Named the 'Unforgettable' lashes ($32), they are absolutely stunning. They aren't too thick like spiders legs (which really irritates me) nor too clumpy at the end. The amount of false eyelashes I wore at 16 that made my lashes look like I'd stuck a black blob onto my eyes was unreal. These are so fluttery and pretty! The individual lashes cross over to make your lashes look fuller and the cotton band that holds them together makes it look like you have a tiny bit of eyeliner on. According to Esqido, you can wear these lashes up to 25 times! This has shocked me but for the price they are obviously long lasting. Again, as a blonde I also have to wear mascara to bind them together so I doubt I will be getting 25 full wears but to get multiple uses is enough to please me.

The Companion ($10) is a latex-free glue to apply your lashes with. As you can see from the applicator it has a big enough grip so there is no chance of glue going everywhere! The amount of times I've had to apply eyelashes with the tiniest pot of glue that comes with it and I drop it or smudge the glue onto the lashes is ridiculous. Being latex free it also means that most people should be able to use it as latex is a common allergy these days.

The packaging is simple but beautiful too. The white and rose gold detail reflects the quality of the lashes and I adore the combination of matte and reflective packaging on the lash glue. They will both take a proud place in my makeup storage and use them until they're finished. The lashes may not be the most affordable but they are beautiful so get your hands on them if possible!
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