Since a teen I've battled with stretch marks and it hasn't been the most pleasant journey in all honesty. People say they are your tiger stripes and you should be proud of them, but since I only have mine due to natural growth going into an adult but also from weight gain. Up until recently they never really bothered me but the new stretch marks are a deep purple-red and that's not attractive to me, on me. Luckily I have Remescar Stretch Marks* (£24.99) to hand.

Stretch marks are caused by a tear in the dermal layer of the skin and some turn white over time. To help reduce the dark colours and ease the scar into turning white to be less noticeable. Remescar is a silicone based cream which treats stretch marks by releasing a long lasting protective film and in turn, stimulate the healing process. The scream will moisturise the skin and claims to visually improve the skin's surface. 

After using this for a little while I have noticed that my skin is smoother in the areas I applied it and the stretch marks are slowly turning less purple and closer to my skin's natural tone. Whilst a product for stretch marks such as Remescar will not product results overnight, I aim to use it further for another month to see how much the colour improves and will do a follow up post. I think the quality is reflected in the price and is definitely more preferable for me than using an oil since I'm not a huge fan of oil based products in general. 

Remescar is available to buy in Boots now.

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