I was lucky enough to win this palette last summer in a competition and when I saw it I really didn't realise how bright the palette was. Urban Decay is known for making good quality eyeshadows and I don't think I'd buy a palette from anyone other than them unless I really fell in love with it. I am a huge lover of the Naked 3 palette and the Naked Basics 2 (which I managed to crack two full shades and now treat it like a baby). The Electric Palette is full of beautiful, bright shades that did scare me at first.

The colours are as follows: Revolt: a super shimmery silver with silver glitter, Gonzo: bright turquoise matte with a hint of pearl, Slowburn: an intentsne red-orange matte with a hint of shimmer, Savage: bright hot pink matte, Fringe: beautiful bright teal, Chaos: super blue matte that is just gorgeous, Jilted: bright metallic blue-toned fuchsia, Urban: intense metallic purple, Freak: bright green with a hint of gold and finally, Thrash: lime green matte with a hint of gold pearl.

Jilted, Chaos and Revolt are my favourites as I'm not a huge lover of greens and reds. I've used Chaos mainly as a blue eyeliner as it adds just a little bit of colour to your lids without dedicating yourself to looking like you're spending a weekend at V Fest. As much as I love wearing the bright shades blended in, they aren't suitable for everyday wear despite them not being designed for that purpose anyway. I'm currently on holiday (do I get extra points for scheduling?) so will be making full use of it whilst I am here! Overall, the palette is stunning but I don't think Slowburn or Freak are going to get much love from me anytime soon.

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