I'd never really thought about where to buy sunglasses from or which style to buy. Until now, all my sunglasses were from Primark for £2 without a care in the world. If they were scratched, they'd go in the bin and I would replace them pretty swiftly. I'd never considered spending a bit more money on a quality pair of sunglasses that would last a while. These Calvin Klein Sunglasses are lightweight and have smooth frames to prevent them pulling on your hair. As you know, I have Fibromyalgia which means I'm quite sensitive to light and have been having migraines on and off for a few weeks, ever since I returned from holiday. These have been a bit of a life saver, as since they are light and fit your head they don't press down on your head, helping keep the light out.

The glasses look amazing on, and although I had taken the sticker off the front, you can tell from the sides of the glasses* that they're from Calvin Klein. I picked the style of these as I love a good square style that is big enough to cover all of your eyes. I have a pet hate against glasses where I can see around the lense, but that's just me. Despite wearing them and not having any scratches on them yet, I do keep them safe in their case that came with them since they are so pretty. They seem to match anything and I'm genuinely in love with them. No offence to Primark, but I probably won't be replacing these, ever.

I tend to pack most of my holiday things away as soon as September hits but these will be staying out, especially for my trip to LA! We're going next April and will definitely need them for the weather out there. I'll be documenting all of that trip so you can guarantee that they'll be making a few appearances, not only on here but over on Instagram too.
They're reduced in price online and there are only a selected number of Calvin Klein sunglasses left to buy, so make sure you head over and have a look for yourself! Usually I wouldn't jump to the chance to purchase more sunglasses but come next year I think I'll be having a look for another pair of these. The colour of the lense is great, they're lightweight and they're stylish. Couldn't really ask for more (apart from that they're reduced on the website, which they are!)
Have you tried any of these glasses out?
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