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When browsing Boots or Superdrug I always gravitate towards the makeup. I have a few favourite drugstore brands that I always have a browse at and one of them is L'Oréal Paris. What I buy from the drugstore is always lipsticks and nail varnishes. That's about it. I would never go out and buy things completely out of my comfort zone like coloured eyeliner because I wear black liner most days and it's routine for me. Why break the routine? Well, I had to challenge to wear these products to break out of my comfort zone and try new things. It worked, and I am impressed.

As I said, I am a lipstick person. When I was about 13 I was obsessed with pink glittery lipglos and used to wear it for school almost everyday, adding even more on the weekends. The reason I stopped wearing lipgloss is because my hair got stuck in it, if I ate things got messy and it was the struggle of constantly applying it to keep the glossy look. The L'Oreál Paris Infallible Mega Gloss in 'I Got The Power'* £6.99 blew my mind away. I have never loved a lipgloss more than this one. I wouldn't have picked the colour either - I tend to go for bold colours but the mauve shade suited my skin and hair perfectly. It's not sticky. It didn't attract half my head of hair towards it and it lasted. It looked like a shiny lipstick. It was a dream. It now has its permanent place in my handbag for whenever I need something on my lips. Paired with the L'Oreál Paris Infallible Volumising Lip Top Coat* which makes my lips look bigger with no stickiness finishes the look off beautifully.

Similar to the Naked palette series from Urban Decay, the L'Oreál Paris La Palette Nude* £14.99 brings a combination of matte and shimmery shadows that claim you can create up to 1001 different eye looks with. Some of the shades are very similar to the Naked 3 palette and I love this. The packaging is small and light, allowing it to be carried around in your handbag for a quick eyeshadow retouch if needed. My boyfriend even commented on how handy the packaging is. The shimmery shadows are my favourite as they are quite pigmented and last long on the eyes. To complete the look, brush on the L'Oreál Paris Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara* £9.99 which has an arched brush to define your lashes from root to tip. The glossy formula contains Argan and Camellia oil making it easy to apply as it has a smooth texture. I'm used to using my Urban Decay Perversion mascara every day but I've been using this a few days a week since it takes less time to apply but gives a similar effect.

Sometimes I like to add the L'Oreál Paris Super Liner Punky in 'Turquoise'* to really brighten my eyes up. I have blue-grey eyes and the slight contrast between the colours makes my eyes 'pop' and make my face look bright and healthy. It has a sponge-tipped pen for precision and as a liquid eyeliner it is really smooth to apply. With the added glow of the L'Oreál Paris Glam Bronze La Terra* £12.99 on my cheeks and contoured around my face, I look a lot more 'me'. The bronzer is silky to work with and blends really well. You can build the product up too, to create a pretty sunkissed look. For dual purposes it works really well in the crease of your eyes.
Boots currently have 3 for 2 on L'Oreál Paris products if you want to check these products out there! Aside from the Mega Gloss being my absolute favourite, I really do enjoy using these products. To perfect the look using these all together, I'd add a brow mascara and a peach blush. A shimmery highlighter would also add to the sunkissed finish of the Glam Bronze!
Have you used any L'Oreál Paris products before?
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