Firstly I apologies for the gruesome look. Last year I did this scary Zombie look on Andy and wanted to do something similar this year. This is just as easy as the previous look and you can create is using things you already have at home, and some fake blood. All you need is foundation, tissues, eyelash glue, fake blood, and a little bit of patience. I use the method of tissue and glue (or latex) for any type of wound or skin texture as it is super easy, you just need to let the glue dry.

To even the skin out I applied some Revlon Colorstay foundation onto Andy's skin. You don't need to do this if you don't want but it does make things look a bit better. I then filled in his eyebrows with a dark brown shadow to intensify the look. For the mouth I rolled some tissue up into a long roll and used eyelash glue to fix it in place. I ripped it a little to make it look like huge chapped zombie lips then covererd it in the same foundation to blend into the skin. The sole reason behind this is that you don't have the chance of seeing any white bits if you miss them.

To darken up the area I applied a red eyeshadow, followed by purple and black eyeshadows to create a more (sort of) realistic colour. If you just apply a red it won't look as "real". In the fake lip crevices I applied more black and blended it out. To finish the look off I applied three layers of fake blood. It does dry and won't look as wet so if you were going out to a party or something I'd advise taking spray fake blood to add a bit of wet blood to make it more scary. I do love a good Halloween look. This would also be perfect if you were going as The Joker as you could green up your hair and whiten your face and it would look pretty similar.

What are you going as for Halloween?

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