I was in Superdrug not long ago and was looking at buying some of the Makeup Revolution liquid matte lipsticks. I picked a few and headed for the tills when I noticed the Christmas stand on my way. They had a few Makeup Revolution gift sets that I wasn't drawn to until I noticed this set - reduced from £15 to £12. Not the colours I had picked up, especially since I'm not a fan of baby pink on myself, but close enough. I ended up saving £6 overall which is why I was swayed into buying the gift set.

I'm yet to see a perfect liquid lipstick. Upon swatching and putting on the lips the colour pay off is pretty good. Not as much to say that you need to drop everything and go and buy them, but pretty good. The biggest annoyance I have with these products is the fact that they look perfect enough to not take the product with you when you leave the house. You eat something and you're left with an ugly lip liner effect and you can't fix it. Why? Liquid lipsticks seem to lack the staying power and it seems to be a must that you take them everywhere you go to reapply if a sip of water hits your lips. I know there are more expensive brands that have probably covered this flaw but for now, I've tried three brands (this, MUA and Sephora) and they all have the same issue.

The bolder the colour, the better pay off it seems with these too. The purples and the red shade look the best and apply smoothly. A tiny bit sticky until dry but not too bad. I like the simple packaging too, similar to the Nyx alternative where you can see exactly what shade it is. I've not worn them all out yet but I'll make it my mission to over Christmas and I'll report back. For £2 a lipstick, they're definitely worth trying to see if liquid lipsticks are for you.

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