I love creating Halloween looks and there is nothing better than having a good play around with makeup. I decided to call this the Weeping Fairy look since if you added fairy wings and a dark dress it would be a great cheap Halloween costume. I did my makeup as usual, adding a darker blush to my cheeks and messily filling in my eyebrows. For the eyes I had a good play around with the Makeup Revolution Give Them Nightmares Palette since there are plenty of purple and black shades in there. I used the Urban Decay Electric Palette using the bright silver colour to add a bit of sparkle.

I made sure to blend everything in using a blending brush but you could leave it uneven if you wanted more of a messy/scary look. I applied a pair of false eyelashes - these had blue strands in them for added colour, but they aren't necessary. To darken the underneath of my eyes I simply smudged a black eyeshadow and added some tear lines as if I had been weeping... For the lips I used a mixture of my Mac Rebel and Pure Heroine, applying generously. For the shimmer in the middle I added the gold shade from the L'OrĂ©al palette I've recently review and pressed it on with my finger and blended out. 

To finish off I just messed my straightened hair up but you could do your hair however you feel like. It would look beautiful with curled hair too and with anything on Halloween, you don't have to try to look perfect. For a more horrifying look simply add a bit of blood or cobwebs or some coloured contacts. I didn't buy anything for this and used everything already in my collection which makes it the cheapest look I've ever done. 

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