Daisy Dream - Marc Jacobs

I first discovered this in Sephora last year when in Paris and fell in love with it instantly. Tons of bloggers were sent it during the summer and from the reviews I knew it was for me before testing it out. Once I sprayed it on myself and let it settle I knew I would have to pick it up at some point. Last Christmas I was gifted the large bottle and the one below it in size and have gone through so much of the smaller bottle as it goes in my handbag. It's very fresh and sweet without smelling like a kid's perfume.

Joyful - Escada*

If you'v ever entered Dave Lackie's twitter giveaways you'll know he is extremely generous and I was lucky enough to win this Escada perfume which is worth around £50 and it smells absolutely incredible. Not as sweet as Daisy Dream and seems to be suitable for everyone! I've used about a third of it in a year and a half and I'm using it on special occasions since I definitely can't afford to splash out on another bottle.

212 Surf - Caroline Herrera

When I was about 14 I used to always wear 212 Sexy but I ran out of it and never repurchased it. When a family member passed 212 Surf down to me as it didn't suit her taste, I had high expectations and it met them. I would only wear this during the summer but the thing I love most about the 212 range is that there is two small bottles per scent so they're perfect for your handbag.

Princess - Very Wang

This was first perfume I became obsessed with, probably at the age of 16. I used to receive it as a gift every Christmas and it will always remain in my perfume collection as it is such a pretty scent for all year round. This huge bottle was a gift off my family this summer which I'm slowly making my way through. I just love how girly the packaging is, despite the crown and base constantly falling off if I pick it up.

As you can tell, most of my perfumes are sweet, floral scents which are mostly tailored to girls of my age. I did own Jennifer Aniston's perfume and that was definitely a more mature scent but since she is my woman crush I went through that perfume pretty quickly. A few of my other faves that I don't currently have are the Ralph Lauren Blue one (is it just called blue?), Miss Cherie Dior and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb which is a big hit with bloggers it seems!

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