I'm really into brand focused posts at the moment and my Nars post went down so well that I thought the next big obvious brand to have a chat about would be Mac. Most of my collection consists of lipsticks as you'll see down below, but I'm trying my hardest to fill my pro palette full of eyeshadows when I can. Since it's a personalised palette, it will be perfect for travelling.

(l-r) Pure Heroine, Relentlessly Red, Flat Out Fabulous, Ruby Woo, Up The Amp, Hot Gossip, Lady Danger, Rebel, Speed Dial, Miley Cyrus Viva Glam II, Hang Up, Chatterbox, Brave.

Obviously I have a huge love for Mac lipsticks, but I have to say my favourite finishes are cremesheen and satin so that will be why you may have noticed apart from the obviously new lipsticks that some don't get as much love as the others. Hot Gossip is my all time favourite and was the first Mac lipstick I bought back in June 2014 (bless me). I always go for bright or bold shades and I've noticed that I don't have many nude lipsticks at all. Brave is a gorgeous colour but still shows up pink on my lips. I definitely want to join in with the Velvet Teddy trend, albeit a little late, purely just to see if I can finally find my perfect nude.

I use this Mac Brush Cleanser everytime I was my brushes and I've finally cracked open my second bottle of the stuff. I do have to use a little device thing from Primark to really scrub the brushes but this stuff does the trick even on foundation brushes. The highlighter is the oldest Mac item I have, dating back to 2012 and I'm aware I should probably throw it out but I don't want to. Despite the underlying white colour with stripes of pink and orange, it looks more like a blusher and that may be why I've not used it as much.

I managed to pick up a brow gel from one of the Estée Lauder outlet shops and since they own Mac (amongst other big brands like Bobbi Brown, Smashbox and Clinique) I purchased it for a few pounds cheaper. It's the perfect shade to go with my blonde hair and it gets a lot of love. I have this separate eyeshadow which is a frost finish in the shade Paradisco and I'm desperate to try to depot it and put it in my palette but I'm so scared that I'll destroy it in the process. It's a beautiful pinky-gold but doesn't have much pigmentation in unless you use your finger to apply it. 

My Pro Palette contains only 6 shades - Gesso, White Frost, Woodwinked, Carbon, Amber Lights and a shade I picked up in the outlet store and can't get it out to see the colour (oops). All the other colours seem to have moved but I've jammed that shade in there. I keep moving the shadows around as I don't know where I'm going with the palette (whether it be dark to light or a mixture) so haven't decided on permanent places for it yet. I'm definitely going to continue building up my small collection of Mac goodies and one day I'll invest in some face products!

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