Every so often I accept hair products to review on the blog. I have naturally ash blonde, curly, frizzy hair which aside from afro hair can be one of the most difficult hair types to treat. On top of that, I dye my hair so it's a beautiful light blonde colour, and tint the roots more of a honey colour. I always change my mind with my hair and have had all different types of colours in it so it's vital for me to look after it and keep it healthy. Today's post is focused on the Wen by Chaz Dean Healthy Hair Care System* (£39.99) which includes everything in the Introductory Kit plus some extra products additional products that claim to take your hair care regime into the next level. The additional products are included to help hydrate your hair and make it more manageable.

The scent of the products is sweet almond mint which is refreshing and gives the impression that your hair is clean and healthy. For almost three weeks I tested these products through four hair washes so can only give a rough impression on how well the products worked. The first and main product in the set is the Cleansing Conditioner which is used both as a shampoo and a conditioner. It claims to cleanse the hair without lathering and won't cleanse the hair of their natural oils. To me, this is just a conditioner. With such thick, curly hair this doesn't give me the clarification my hair requires. My hair was left moisturised but this wasn't my favourite product out of the bunch. 

The Anti Frizz Styling Creme came next which is aimed to encourage moisture and shine to the hair whilst replacing the need for a gel based product to hold your style. This was one of my favourite products since it did what it said on the bottle. I do worry when using new products for the first time, especially once I've straightened my hair but it worked well and added a hint of shine to my hair. For a different hairstyle I used the Nourishing Mousse which excited me since I do have frizzy hair, especially when I leave it to try naturally to keep my natural curls in tact. The main issue I have with mousse products is that it leaves your hands left sticky and your curls almost crispy which creeps me out. I found that whilst it doesn't have a sticky residue and didn't make hair feel fragile like others, it did last for slightly less time than those products. If you prefer this over durability then this is the product for you.

I was dubious about testing out the Replenishing Treatment Mist since it basically seemed like a leave in conditioning spray which don't tend to do much to my hair. Wen claims that this can be used to replenish hair in between washes whilst hydrating hair and taming frizzy hair. As much as the smell is divine and makes me hair smell as if it's just been washed, I think the claims are a little far fetched. To me, this is a leave in conditioning spray and left my hair feeling slightly silkier when before it was a little dry. Making my hair wetter doesn't help with frizz since I straighten my hair the majority of the time, but it may work for those whose natural hair is mostly straight.
The Straightening Smoothing Gloss was something I was looking forward to since I have to used my GHD's to ensure my hair is pin straight. It is designed to reduce frizz and to help straighten your hair. I tried this out after simply blow drying my hair which is a nightmare unless you're a professional hair dresser and to be honest it left my hair softer but didn't help it smooth my hair out. I think this product is left for people who can have gorgeous hair by blow drying it themselves who don't tend to have frizzy hair. I think my hair out-frizzed this product.

The bonus product out of the set was the Re-Moist Intensive Treatment which doesn't have the most glamorous name but most definitely does the job. I enjoyed using this as a hair mask to add a bit of extra moisture into my hair, especially after using curling tongs which dry out my hair and make it fragile. Since my hair is quite dry, hair products like this work really well as it absorbs a lot of the moisture and keeps it looking healthy again. I'd purchase this product alone in the future once I've gotten through the whole box of hair masks....

Overall, I was impressed by the Anti Frizz Styling Creme and the Re-Moist Intensive Treatment but think that the set as a whole would suit someone with naturally straight-ish hair with little frizz. For someone with a full set of curly locks that frizzes up at just the mention of humidity, nothing that claims to clamp down on frizz works well for me, but I'm used to that. For now I will continue with my usual hair care routine and use these two products when I require them.

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