Not long ago I was offered to review a selection of cocktails mixers from Funkin Cocktails to try with friends and family. Usually when I go out I'm completely swept away by anything fruity so this was the perfect chance to try more flavours out and see whether they changed my mind.

Personally I'm not a huge Mojito fan, however this didn't stop it going down with friends who really enjoyed it. It's a simple combination of Persian Limes, mint and sugar and can be perfect when combined with white rum. From their opinions it seemed like a true Mojito.

Strawberry Daiquiri
Although it suggests adding rum to this strawberry and lime combo, I found vodka was a very good choice and I really enjoyed this one. It was a sweet and easy to drink cocktail, and is my normal choice whenever I go out for cocktails as you can't really go wrong with strawberry cocktails. It tasted like strawberry laces which is an added bonus if you have a sweet tooth.

This is pretty much like drinking tropical juice which makes it very easy to drink. As the taste is already perfect, having this mixer with vodka is the best combination as you don't need any flavouring to come from the spirit. 

This has to be my favourite mixer that I tried out of the ones sent. It's a mixed berry combination and I wish they did more of these type of cocktails in bars as I'd go for it every time. If you're a fan of berry drinks definitely go with this one, it will not disappoint.

Elderflower Collins
This was a very smooth and easy to drink mixer and worked perfectly with gin. A mix of Sicilian Lemons and British Elderflower provided a very refreshing taste and this went down very well and was popular with friends. To describe it overall it's light drink and could be drank at any occasion. 

Strawberry Woo Woo
The Funkin version contains fresh peaches and strawberries added to the original woo woo to give it a smooth, sweet flavour. We tried it with both gin and vodka and both worked well and again tasted a bit like strawberry laces which you can't complain about.

Raspberry Mojito
This was a very refreshing choice, and the addition of raspberries, mint and lime gave a great taste. Once again, as the flavour was already nice prior to mixing, I found that vodka worked quite well with this. Although I really don't like the classic mojito as it's just too minty for my taste, this raspberry version is well balanced.

Sour Mix
A good combination of lemons, limes and cane sugar provides the base for a perfect sour cocktail. The favourite option with my group was to mix it with amaretto. The other good thing about this mix is that instead of having to add egg white to the cocktail, you just have to give the mixer a quick shake for the thick foam on top.

I was really impressed with all of these mixers and the whole idea behind them makes it very easy to make your own cocktails. Each of the mixer cartons come with a handy guide on the side for which spirit to add so it's still easy to whip up your favourite. Make sure to keep an eye out in bars as Funkin Cocktails are stocked in a lot of places. Overall the Elderflower Collins and the Hollywood were a huge hit so if you get the chance to try them, let me know how they were for you.

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