I honestly never thought I'd buy the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Gleam as I'm not normally one to drop $40 (£39 in the UK which is a conversion rip off as it should be £28ish but anyway) on a bunch of highlighters. Whilst browsing Sephora in Los Angeles and was picking up quite a lot of makeup, I saw the stall and thought I'd just swatch the shades. I do tend to be one of those people who will just swatch products out of interest with no intention of buying them, just the same as I feel clothes in shops to see if they're made out of nice material. My boyfriend finds it hilarious but I'm just curious!

Now I was not expecting what happened. I'd already picked up the ABH Contour Kit as I had heard wonderful things and was going to get it regardless of the swatches. I swatched them and had honestly never seen such pigmented shades before, especially in highlighters. In the pan you can see there is a fair bit of shimmer in them and I was worried it would come out a bit chunky but it's so just finely milled. The highlighters just glide on and they're so light that you can't feel them on the skin. I honestly don't know how I'd ever even hit pan on these as you can barely notice when you swatch it let alone use it every day.

There are four shades in the palette, Hard Candy, Starburst, Mimosa and Crushed Pearl. Hard Candy is described as a Golden peach with a pink-pearl shimmer, Starburst is an iridescent pink with cooler undertones, Mimosa is a metallic peach with gold undertones and Crushed Pearl is a pearlescent pink with a frost finish. Crushed Pearl is the perfect shade for a light and bright highlight, and I use the darker shades to contour with. You can easily incorporate the shades into your eyeshadow looks too. Anastasia Beverly Hills also recommends that you should use it with a damp brush for a more intense glow which I am yet to try out.
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