Having previously only really tried moderately priced skincare products, being able to review products from Elemis has been a godsend. Not because they're pricey but because I have heard wonderful things about Elemis as a brand and I am not someone who can drop a load of money at once on skincare that I've not used before. I tried these products out for just over four weeks and it's safe to say I'm happy with the results. This is the new Biotec range from Spa brand Elemis which claim to prevent your skin from looking dull and tired by boosting your skin's energy levels. They contain zinc and copper which are meant to increase mitochondria cells in the skin to give it more energy, as well as including anti-inflammitories and anti-oxidants to help clear your skin and reduce puffiness. This range does come to a total of £199.50, which does make you wonder whether it is worth it. I was certainly worried that I'd fall head over heels and not be able to replace the products.

BIOTEC Skin Energising Cleanser (£39.50)*

Even with using this as part of my skincare routine over the past few weeks, it still looks as though I've barely touched it so even though it's more expensive than other, it does last incredibly long. I always use an exfoliating glove or my Magnitone with the cleanser to make sure I get the full use of the cleanser. I tend to use this most days with my anti-acne cleanser being used in-between as I am prone to breakouts. From my experience, I wouldn't say it feels too different to other cleansers I've used before. When removing my makeup, I use micellar water as my first step, and then use cleanser afterwards, so I can't really comment on how way it remove makeup. Elemis say that this cleanser helps "reduce surface oils and impurities" from the skin which is supposed to help re-balance the skin. 

BIOTEC Skin Energising Day Cream (£75.00)*

I love the fact it has two sections and when you pump the product they come out together. As you can see from the photos, I have used this a LOT. The white side is hydrating face cream and the green side is a cooling serum which leaves my skin soft and nourished. It feels lightweight and go under makeup, but for me I do need a primer on top as I have oily-combination. I can't lie, I love the packaging that that you have to mix the two sides together before applying and you only need two pumps for your entire face.

BIOTEC Skin Energising Night Cream (£85.00)*

This is slightly thicker than the day cream and is my favourite product in the range. My skin is very sensitive to creams and I tend to have a love/hate relationship with them but my skin feels so incredibly nourished. I do have to cleanse my face in the morning as my face does produce more oil when using creams but it's worth it for the overall look and feel of my skin. I'm aware there's a hefty price tag attached and I will be totally lost when I've ran out of it. I don't even want to think about what I'm going to do when I've ran out as I've used more than half of the product now!

On the Elemis website you can pick up all three products for £179.50, saving you £20.00 overall which basically means you buy the cleanser for half the price too. If you're looking to try some Elemis products out I'd highly recommend them if you have dry or combination skin.

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