It's no secret that I love shoes so when I was asked if I would like to try out an item from the Octer website by choosing something from one of their retail partners I was really happy. And of course I ended up choosing a pair of shoes, but seriously how cute are they? Octer is a mobile shopping application that is designed to make shopping simple especially when you tend to shop on various websites. You can quickly and easily compare products across every retailer so you can check the different ones you like all in one click. 

The shoes I ended up going for were these Asos Jabel Leather Geek (£28)* and are a perfect summer shoe. They have a leather upper with cut-out sides and fasten easily with a pin-buckle. I picked these ones because it's nice to wear something a bit more freeing, but are still good if you aren't a fan of getting your toes out. There is choice between white and tan, but with me having a fair few tan pairs already I decided get the white ones. 

Being leather they are quite soft and comfy and haven't rubbed on me and I tend to get blisters very easily with new shoes as I've got sensitive skin. It was a nice relief to have them on and not feel like my feet were being worn away. Even with the cut out, they still feel secure while still being breathable so your feet don't get too hot. Another good thing about these shoes is that they can fit with most outfits being white. I tend to wear mine with either dresses or cropped jeans and a top so they often get pulled out at the moment. The design reminds my of the boho trend and the stitching is super simple but still manages to add a nice touch.

If you're looking to order through Octer for anything from your the latest fashion item to beauty essentials they have you covered as there are so many brands to choose from. You can also buy a big range of technology items such as SLR cameras, TV's, headphones and many more, so don't just think it's a place to top up your wardrobe from. You may well find yourself buying items from shops you wouldn't normally look at which gives you chance to open up your options, so if you want to try out a new way of shopping head over to Octer. 

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