I can't believe my little sister starts school in September which makes me feel even older, with me having graduated from uni last year. It got me thinking back to my primary school days and how life was so much simpler and easy. I used to love the creative elements to school where they made you do a piece of writing but had give it the appearance that it was supposed to be a really old scroll. For this, I remember having to use a teabag of all things and gently press the teabag into the paper to turn it the light brown colour and then let it dry to give it the appearance and texture of a dated piece of parchment. 
Although using a technique like this had no 'real' use except for making something look different, there are becoming more and more innovative ways to make use of waste products and turn them into something else. Channel 4 have created this short video below explaining how coffee waste can have alternative uses. The show is involves well know TV personalities Jamie Laing, Rachel Riley and Alex Brooker being the Reverse Engineers, and the use of a mystery box to see what new ideas they can come up by using a jar of waste coffee. 
Some of the items that are already created with waste coffee are those well known to many beauty bloggers such as the coffee scrubs. The reason behind this is down to the texture of coffee helping to exfoliate, and the oil content helping to moisturise the skin. I never really thought about the reason they use coffee for this, so when I saw it explained on the video the penny kind of dropped. Channel 4 have got a few different videos in their webseries about Reverse Engineering based on how ordinary things can help make the future. Check out their Coffee Breakthrough video below.
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