I don't tend to wear eyeliner that much as it's tricky to do and I often don't have the time to spend ages trying to get it right. I've tried various brands before and although I've found that felt tip liners and gel liners are the easiest to apply, they don't have the lasting power or boldness of a liquid liner. Lancôme have brought out the Grandoise Liner (£23)* which has a bendable handle to make "the perfect flick that much easier". I've been testing this liner out to see whether the handle affected the line I drew and also how bold the formula was.

Lancôme say the benefits of using the Grandoise Liner are that you can get close to the root of the lashes for an effortless application due to the bendable want, the thin tip allows a precise line and the matte finish is highly pigmented and an ultra opaque formula. Other key features include a smudge free film to give a long lasting finish that is fast drying so you can get on with applying the rest of your makeup. When I received this product I was intrigued to see whether the handle would actually work or just be a clever move to market the product as something different.

Even though I'm quite bendy myself, it is honestly so much easier to apply liner especially when you are using your dominant hand to do the opposite eye. My left eye was always a little more 'that will do' than my right, so now I can finally have even eyes that I'm happy with. I love that the formula means you can have a rich black line and doesn't flake off after a few hours. It does dry quite fast and as I've got hooded eyes I don't wear thick eyeliner. The tip allows me to do a line as thin as I want which would make me want to purchase it when I've ran out. 

This is only the third Lancôme product I've tried although I don't think the Juicy Tubes from the 00's counts much and I'm really impressed. You may have seen my recent Juicy Shakers post about a unique way to nourish and hydrate your lips. If you're looking for a new way to do your eyeliner with a product that actually lasts without creasing then I definitely recommend a visit to your local Lancôme counter. 
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