I love festivals and since V Fest is approaching I'm glad that I'm going again! I've been to Leeds Fest three times, V once before and a smaller festival called Womad a few times so I've learned my lessons well and truly when it comes to packing. I've been drenched, hit in the face with a football, cried when UV paint has gotten into my eyes and many more whirlwind experiences. Festivals are such a fun experience that I think everyone should get to go to at least once in their life. Here is my packing list that I'll be using for V Festival this year.

1. Camping Gear.

A tent to sleep in comfortably. Not getting as many people in one tent as possible.
A spare, smaller tent if you don't have a middle are or 'living room' as I call it, to store chairs and wet items.
A blow up bed, because having a comfortable nights sleep will get you feeling so much better and roll/yoga mats can only do so much to comfort you.
Bin bags - these have multiple uses from bagging up your dirty clothes to a makeshift seat.
Wind up torch - you'll be needing torch and it would be a pain if the batteries ran out half way through the festival.
A cooler or bucket with ice in for your drinks. There isn't much worse than drinking warm beer or steamsboats in a can.
Blankets for warmth at night. I can't stand sleeping in sleeping bags and I'm much comfier sleeping amongst a fluffy blanket. Plus you can kick it off if you get too warm!

2. While You're Watching.

Camera or phone - this will be great to catch some of your favourite bands and moments.
A portable charger will be very useful for charging up your phone, camera or anything else you take with you. 
Sunglasses to protect your eyes when out and about.
A bumbag, handbag or backpack to carry your day essentials.
Split lists for acts - either take something with you or buy a programme when you get there so you don't miss your favourites. 
Making sure you have suncream on so you don't burn while you're watching Biebs.

3. Food & Drink

Alka-Seltzer or Berrocca to help perk you up and reduce hangovers.
Sweet snacks to keep you going between meals.
Soft drinks - as much as you'll want to drink while you're there something normal may well be a welcome change. 
If you're cooking yourself you need some type of stove (check what's allowed at your specific festival). Plus the food you're cooking with.
Plenty of bottled water to re-hydrate.
Bring a bit of extra cash with you for snacks and drinks when you're watching acts.

4. Bare Necessities.

Wellies - because if it wet and muddy you will definitely need these otherwise you'll be so uncomfortable.
Shoes to wear if it doesn't actually rain. There's nothing worse than being in the heat wearing knee high socks and wellies when you don't need to.
Enough clothes to last you the time you're there plus a few spares if you get rained on.
Wipes - giving yourself a clean in the mornings and evening can make you feel that bit fresher plus being useful for those times when nature calls.
Scented deodorant as glass perfume bottles are prohibited.
Your makeup to create some amazing festival looks!
Tickets - as obvious as it sounds this may get left on the shelf when throwing everything in your bag.
Money is a must to make sure you can get enough food and drinks and anything else you might want to buy.
Dry shampoo, because who wants greasy hair? Also bring a flower crown if you're wanting to hide your roots!
Contraceptives if you have to pack them (I'm lucky to be on the implant!)
ID - if you want to buy alcohol and think you might be asked to prove your age don't forget this.
Waterproofs are key as there is a high chance it will rain at some point during a festival and you can buy some pretty macs like the one in this post.
Sleeping bag or similar to make sure you stay warm at night.
Plenty of plasters for blisters and accidents.
Loo roll - this doesn't need much explanation.

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