V Festival is creeping up quickly and I've been shopping around for some new pieces to wear to it this year. When shopping on the high street and online there has been an abundance of something I love wearing to festivals, flower crowns. Nothing was catching my eye so I took matters into my own hands and made my own. The good thing about this DIY Flower Crown Tutorial is that you can really make each one to your taste and only the assembling part it crucial to stick to. This is a great step by step tutorial for both adults and children when it comes to making your own festival flower crown.

Step One - Buy The Products

I bought a pack of four fabric headbands from Amazon in yellow, orange, pink and blue for the base of the crown. You could also pick up elastic headbands that wrap completely around or even a thicker band to add more flowers onto them. These four headbands cost under £2 and you can pick them up in a variety of colours. For the flowers themselves I bought all of these from Ikea and chose a few different fake flowers and them chose a few colours that I had in mind. You can buy cheaper flowers in bulk from Ebay or Amazon if you plan on making quite a lot of flower crowns, or you can individually pick them to make each crown unique. This DIY would also work with real flowers but don't go outside to pick them - purchase them from a florist or supermarket. To secure the flowers you need a glue gun and I picked one up from The Range for under £5. I had previously tried using super glue and it just doesn't work well and takes absolutely ages to dry. Using the glue gun cut the time spent holding the flowers onto the band which meant I could start new crowns quicker.

Step Two - Lay Everything Out

Lay out your headband and flowers out and see what colours you think will work together. if you place them on a flat surface you can roughly see how many flowers will need to fit on the band. From something short of a miracle, I managed to buy the exact amount of flowers for each band which I was so pleased with. During this step you can also turn on your glue gun to start heating it up for when you want to start assembling your flower crowns.

Step Three - Making Your Flower Crown

I started gluing my flowers onto the band from the middle of the crown and worked my way either side. You only need to add a small amount of glue to the flower before holding it down to the band and it tries in enough time to get the positioning right but doesn't take long enough for it to become a hassle. You can add as many or little flowers as you wish depending on the look you're going for. Leave a minute in between gluing your next flower onto the band to ensure that it is secured, and wait around 5 minutes before trying it on to make sure there is no wet glue that might stick to your hair. I made four in total and they all look different due to the colours and style of flower. If I were to make some more I would buy a set of all small flowers and a set of large flowers and make two different designs with them as they'd look really good for festivals too.

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