I write this post each year about a month before my birthday and although I feel my blog has developed so much recently, I still want to create little posts like this. It's something I can look back on every year and see whether I've done some of the things I set out to do.

1. Go on a weekend away

I don't think I've ever had a proper weekend away before. Sure I've had my fair share of hotel stays in cities but they've been for a night or two and spent a lot of it going into shops I usually shop in and dining in huge chain restaurants. I'd like to stay somewhere other than a budget hotel (which I usually do because they're the best option for me) and spend the time really enjoying myself. Exploring a place properly and making the most of it.

2. Buy a house with Andy

Once we're out of our overdrafts we plan to get a Save To Buy ISA to go towards a deposit for a mortgage. We're looking to buy a 2/3 bed property that we aim to live in for at least the next ten years instead of renting a flat until we decide to move onto the next chapter. I've lived in student rented places before and as much as they're good we need our own proper home.

3. Throw a housewarming party

I obviously can't do this without having a place but I'd love to get both of our families together and all of our friends and celebrate moving out into our own space. I love a good party and I can't really go out clubbing due to my conditions so having a housewarming party is perfect as I can wear flats and sit down when I need to, surrounded by everyone that I love.

4. Buy a Macbook/iMac

Since I finished university I've had to use Andy's laptop to store all my photos on and write my blog posts on. Whilst I have nothing wrong with sharing a laptop and neither does he, we both want another device to edit vlogs on and to be able to both write blog posts etc at the same time instead of waiting for the other to finish using it first. 

5. Learn to drive

I bet everyone reading this who has read my previous posts (21 and 23) is laughing because I say this every single year! In the last few months I was owed some tax back from being emergency taxed last year so I finally bought my provisional license which is a step and a half for me. Maybe next year will be the year!

6. Go Full time with blogging

This is kind of relevant to now but I'll explain. I finished my job back in January and it wore me down. I've got a few medical conditions that means that I find it so difficult to be on my feet each day, to take public transport just to get to and from work and also to not have many days in between work to recover. I loved my job but looking back I'm so glad I'm no longer in it. In the past 9 months my body is so much better, I'm not as tired and I'm working towards turning this blog into a full time career. I live with my parents and I'm saving up towards a mortgage on a house with Andy so whilst I'm at home I have 8-5 to blog. I do earn sometimes from my blog and my Instagram and would love to turn this into a job where I can sustain myself and go towards my future.

7. Go back to Berlin

I first went to Berlin in February of 2011 and fell in love with the city. I went with my History class and loved learning about the events in Germany between 1920 and 1950 whilst also exploring Germany for the first time. It was completely different to how I had previously imagined and having only spent four days there I would go back in an instant.

8. Create more makeup tutorial posts

I am planning on doing some Halloween tutorials in photo form on the blog in the next few weeks but after that I'd really like to have the confidence to create some more makeup looks. I do class this blog as more beauty focused so having more makeup posts would hopefully make it more popular.

9. Buy some Alex drawers

So I have three Muji drawers and a makeup desk, but in my room have one box for excess makeup and one for all my hair products. My makeup desk has a drawer in for makeup and one for skincare and then on top of my Muji I have lipsticks and foundations. If I had a set of Alex drawers I could fill them with my makeup, get rid of the boxes and have a neater desk.

10. Get my eyebrows tattooed

After seeing Shannon from Shaaanxo on YouTube get her eyebrows tattooed on I went from never wanting anything done to my face to instantly wanting eyebrows to dye die for. My eyebrows are so light that if I don't apply makeup to them and actually draw them on that people joke that my eyebrows have disappeared. They're not even sparse but the colour is so faint that it's a pain having to spend a good 5 minutes per brow creating a shape, filling them in and then setting them. If they were tattooed on then I could get away with only spending a minute or two tops on them each day.

11. Hit some major blogging milestones

Over Summer I hit 26,000 combined blog followers and this was absolutely amazing. A huge chunk of this surprisingly comes from Pinterest. Maybe before I hit 24 I will hit 30,000 followers and increase my page views to 10,000 a month on Google Analytics (I don't use Blogger's stats as they're completely unreliable).

12. Finish writing out my recipe book

A family member bought me a recipe book from Paperchase a few years back where you fill it in with all the recipes you make so you don't have to buy them for every course. It took me a while to make my own up but I love having my own book to refer back to.

13. Set up my own blogging office

At the moment I'm sat in my room where my makeup desk is so close to my bed that I can't actually work at it. I'd love to move into a place where for a few years I can have my own office to take blog photos in, write posts and store all my makeup so that it's a separate space from my bedroom.

14. Create a gallery wall

This comes with moving into a house but I'm obsessed with prints of makeup and pretty things, especially using watercolour and motivational quotes. I'd love one wall in our living room to be full of everything that we love and admire.

15. Visit Santorini

This is one of the places I'd love to travel to next. It's a stunning place to visit and I can just image taking photos and using the drone there to capture some unreal footage. It seems so tranquil and it would be a lovely place to visit for the ultimate relaxing holiday.

16. Do another fundraising event

I ran fast walked the Big Fun Run last month and would love to participate in that or the Dechox event again to raise some money. I was in the Charity Committee in Sixth Form and loved doing bake sales for charity and now I've taken to other events to raise money.

17. Go to another festival

I've been to Leeds Festival 3 times, V Festival twice and Womad Festival a few times and really want to go to another next summer. Maybe after 5 years I'll head back to Leeds Fest or maybe after year I'll end up in V Fest again.

18. Try and do at least a video per month on YouTube

Before you jump the gun and think I have a beauty channel, I don't. Myself and Andy have our own YouTube Channel Landy Vlogs where we film us travelling whether it be abroad or just to a theme park. We love creating them and our Los Angeles vlogs and our most recent V Festival vlog where so fun to film, so if we could get one video up a month it would be such a good way to document each year in film.

19. Go pumpkin picking

An obvious one that will have to be done next month considering my birthday is just shy of two weeks before Halloween. I love carving pumpkins and I'd love to go somewhere other than a supermarket to pick one to carve.

20. Learn to bake something new

Ah I love baking. And cooking. But baked goods are so much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye which makes me want to bake more. And I should because I try so hard and it's so rewarding when you bake cakes for people so I definitely need to get back into it.

21. Have a strict skincare regime

I have combination skin and still at aged almost 23 I haven't found a whole routine to stick to yet. Some products are made for combination skin but don't hydrate my skin enough, or they'll target dry areas more and leave me with excess residue. I need to up my skincare game and find a routine that works.

22. Do some more DIY projects

I've previously posted my DIY Flower Crown Tutorial and it really inspired me to do some more. I'm planning on doing a post about DIY blog props and bases so hopefully I'll have posts like that up soon.

23. Invest in some more makeup brushes

I have a huge love for XOBeauty, Real Techniques, Nanshy and Lab 2 brushes and need to pick up some more. I'd love to try out some other brands out like Spectrum and Zoeva and once I've found which ones work best for me, I'll stock up on them.

24. Have a makeup clearout

I've been blogging for two and a half years now and although I've given away products that don't suit me and thrown away some products that are out of date, I need a good clear out. Although I see my makeup as a collection and don't want to throw much away, things like mascaras and eyeliners don't last that long and should be chucked. Maybe it will give me the opportunity to try some new brands out if I run low on a product afterwards.

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