I love Halloween if you hadn't already noticed by my posts and I like nothing better than getting into the spirit by doing makeup tutorials and then spending the evening watching movies and eating snacks. I've always had a thing for watching scary movies and this collection is a great start for when I move into a new house next year and have the space for a whole row of DVDs.

I intend to have a binge watching weekend with Andy these films to carry on with the Halloween spirit. HMV kindly sent me a Halloween themed box with all these goodies for this spooky time of year. One of the films that was included in the box was Hocus Pocus which is about three witch sisters being resurrected on Halloween night. It seems unlikely that a couple of teenagers, an immortal cat and a young girl would be able to try and stop them, however this is who it comes down to to try and bring down the witches. The Exorcist was the other movie that was included which is all based around a very troubled girl that it possessed by an evil entity. She becomes so disturbed that an exorcism is the last hope she has of ever being normal again.

 There were some nice sweet goodies such as the Haribo, traditional Butterkist microwave popcorn, a Milkybar ghost and a little collection of Halloween makeup goodies including some fake blood which always comes in useful for dressing up. Some of the other films I've included for a Halloween night in are SE7EN, The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Crow. It's only a few days to go but that still gives you time to grab a few DVDs to have your own scary night in, just head over to HMV where they have a few offers on some Halloween themed films too.

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