Every Halloween I try to come up with both scary and feminine makeup looks. This year I decided to do a look using a white wig, plenty of glitter and scales for a pretty mermaid halloween makeup look. I won't be going through this step by step because it's pretty much a DIY and you can adapt it to you, but I will explain how I did the eyebrows, glitter, scales and lipstick.

For the scales you can use either fishnet tights, or if you can't find any in time like myself, use some non-slip grip mats either from Amazon or if you have any spare lying around the house. I had some in some old makeup drawers that actually came with them. To create the scales I used a mixture of shades from the Urban Decay Electric Palette by pressing them onto the skin when the non-slip mat is on top of my face. I used the colours Fringe, Savage, Jilted and Urban and applied this to my cheeks where I'd normally contour, my neck, collarbones and the sides of my forehead. To add some glitter to the look to add a touch of glamour, I first used eyelash glue to create a base, then pressed a selection of glitters onto the glue base. I used the thick, chunky glitter from my L'OrĂ©al Paris Festival post that almost look a bit like scales, then fine glitter by Barry M from this post to fill in the gaps.

My eyebrows were actually one of the easiest parts of creating this mermaid look. I used Savage from the Electric palette mixed with brow wax from Benefit's Brow Zings and it was actually so much quicker to draw on brows this way than doing my usual blonde/brown brows. For the lips I used a very light lilac lipstick and patted on some of the Barry M glitter to make it look a bit more iridescent. I hope you liked this look! Make sure to click here to see my other halloween posts.

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