I'm usually quite stuck in my ways when it comes to beauty products. When it comes to Autumn I normally get stuck in a rut as my skin hates the colder weather peeping through and seems to not know how to behave. The Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range has a few products that can help your skin in the Autumn months so I thought I'd try them out.

The Ten Effects Skin Treat & Make-up Fixer (£20)* is in a spray bottle that promises to revise and rejuvenate the skin whilst setting makeup in place. Using just one spritz, it's optimal for those wanting 'beautifully hydrated skin with flawless makeup all day long'. It's a lightweight product an inspired by Dame Joan Collin's own personal skincare ethos. Ten Effects uses a blend of seven natural ingredients including organic rose water to tighten pores and reduce redness, hyaluronic acid and glycerine to hydrate the skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines, and red algae gel and frescolat MGA to calm and soothe irritation. The single spritz aims to lock your makeup in place creating smudge-free flawless coverage that lasts all day. It's been formulated for all skin types which is great as I've got combination skin. It does have an unusual scent to it which I can't pinpoint but nonetheless it ensures that my makeup lasts until I take it off. I found that as well as using this all over, if you spritz an eyeshadow brush with this and apply shimmery shadow to your lid, it really intensifies the pigment in the product.

The I Am Woman Dry Oil Body Polish (£18)* is a spa treatment you can use at home, packed with exquisite blend of mineral ingredients to leave the skin smooth with a beautiful glow. This contains five natural nourishing minerals to gently exfoliate, smooth, hydrate and soften the skin upon use, including himalayan salts (which gives it a pink colour) kiwi seeds, avocado, golden jojoba and olive oil that will make the application easier. You apply the body polish in the shower onto damp skin in gentle circular motions, working the outer layer of the skin to work off dead skin cells and to revitalise dull areas. Once you rinse it off your skin looks so fresh and baby soft. This even has the fragrance I Am Woman Eau De Parfum within it so your skill smells beautiful. The salts inside the product makes it so easy to exfoliate and a little definitely goes a long way as you only need one small scoop and the body polish is also made for every skin type.

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