You may have noticed from some of my lifestyle posts that I love travelling and would jump at the chance for a getaway. I think doing a weekend away somewhere is a great way to experience a new place without having to book loads of time off. Sometimes if you have less time you often pack more things into your itenerary as you appreciate the time there more. I'd love to be able to visit some more European countries, and places like Amsterdam have so many great things to see there. Just in case I do make that trip away, I've written this post to remind myself and of course you, some tips to fully prepare for a trip.


It's probably a good idea to pick a hotel that's close to either what you'll be doing or some form of transport link. This means you aren't wasting too much of your holiday getting to the places that you want to see. Choosing one that fits your budget is quite a sensible thing to do but don't think this means you have to have a really basic hotel. If you wanted something with a bit more luxury than your standard offering, CitizenM have some great offerings that could really make your holiday. Especially when you've had a long day exploring, it can make your Winter trip so much better to come back to a special hotel room that caters to your needs and helps you relax.


If possible, it would be best to book this in advance as you get the cheaper fares and then don't have to get into a panic nearer the time. It's best to look at the different options for getting somewhere as it won't always be the first one you think of. Even though flying seems like the best option, something like the Eurostar could be much easier and cheaper for getting to some cities. I found it so smooth and relaxed when I travelled to Paris using it and would definitely do it again. When travelling around the city, bulk buy tickets for things such as the metro or trams as it's often cheaper and means you don't stop at every station to buy tickets.


Rolling your clothes in your case will save you a surprising amount of space and means that you won't end up with it coming out creased at the other end. I know it can be all too easy to think you'll need to take half of your wardrobe, but if you pack light then you will thank yourself when trying to lift your case into a taxi or onto a train. Think about the amount of toiletries you take as they can often add so much weight. You can get travel mini's in loads of shops now so this is a good option (plus that I find them kinda cute!). 


Keeping an eye on the exchange rates prior to travelling is always a good option as it means you get the most bang for your buck. You most probably won't get the best rate if you changed your money the day before you go, and similarly if you did it in a train station or an airport on your way. Depending on how much you are taking, there are often better rates for the more you exchange, so it's well worth looking at this so you can benefit from it. If you travel a lot, have a root around your house for any forgotten Euros too! I always come back with some and leave them in a drawer to 'remind' myself to take to my next trip and always forget too.

What are your Winter travel tips and where would you travel to next? Amsterdam and Brussels are at the top of my list for the next trip I take!

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