If you don't have Arthritis yourself, you probably know somebody who does. I have an Arthritis related condition, and two family in my family and one person in my boyfriend's family have Arthritis so I know first hand the difficulties it can present to people of all ages. NRS Healthcare recently created a project to look at the effects Arthritis can bring by testing out a pair of Arthritis simulation gloves that were designed by Cambridge University that mimic the stiffness and difficulty that those living with the condition can experience. Of course the gloves can't fully mimc the pain or full effects but it is one example of how debilitating this condition can be.

NRS Healthcare have created a couple of animated videos showing the gloves in use and also ran a Facebook Live session showing the gloves in use and testing some of their other products out. I am really thankful that NRS Healthcare have created these videos and especially testing the gloves out, as my Nan has Arthritis and she really struggles with using her fingers. They're swollen beyond belief, pink/purple in colour and full of burn scars because she has spilled boiling water on herself or struggled to get her fingers in oven gloves so has taken trays out of the oven with just a tea towel. NRS Healthcare have a range of mobility products available to help people with Arthritis out, whether it be eating and drinking aids, seating aids, household aids or personal care aids too.

If you know someone with Arthritis or meet someone with the condition, be patient with them, help them out where you can and give them a huge (gentle!) hug and let them know you're trying your best to understand. Watch the videos below to hear more information from NRS Healthcare UK about Arthritis.

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