Following on from my first post about blogs I'm enjoying reading right now, here is my second instalment of the series.

Daisy is one of the most real gals I've ever spoken to, giving her full honest opinions about things and I think that's an amazing quality to have. She blogs about beauty and lifestyle, and more recently as a mummy blogger as she's just given birth to the most beautiful baby! If you have a moment, go to her blog and congratulate her!

The Curvaceous Vegan
There is one thing that's so clear with Amie, she is understanding. She is a vegan and has been blogging about her journey since February 2015 and I get so intrigued reading her posts about her lifestyle. I'm not a vegan myself and we've had a few chats about this and she is so lovely about her choice and doesn't feel like anyone else should follow in her footsteps if they don't want to. If you're curious about the vegan lifestyle or want to have a gander about lifestyle posts, her blog is one for you to read.

The Beauty Baker
Siobhan's blog is so pretty and well laid out that I must warn you that you'll be envious. Primarily blogging about beauty, Siobhan writes a lot about product reviews with full honesty, along with travel and lifestyle posts. And she's bloody lovely too.

Charlotte Jonesie
I was only introduced to Charlotte through blogging via email but since discovered she has a blog (and the prettiest Instagram). Charlotte blogs about fashion, beauty and lifestyle and you can't miss her with her beautiful mermaid hair.

Blogs All Beautyy
Jasmine and blog all beauty focuses her blogging on one aspect in particular, which you can gather by her blog name. She's been blogging for almost as long as I have so I've been reading her blog for quite a while now. I love seeing her clear photos and in-depth reviews.

Chapters of Kat
Aside from sometimes chatting to Kat in a Whatsapp group, I love catching up with her on her blog and watching her Snapchat stories. Kat describes her blog as lifestyle in nature with a mixture of beauty thrown in as she's a huge lipstick lover.

I've met Jemma and chatted with her at #NWMeet and when I was updating the post I remembered I hadn't caught up with her since. Jemma blogs about a ton of random things with bright photos, but I especially love her blogging posts as they're good for new bloggers.

Sophie Rosie
Aside from having complete photo goals, Sophie blogs about everything lifestyle related, whether it be health, happiness, travel or style. Her Instagram is absolutely beautiful and the photos from her Santorini trip were stunning.

Anoushka Loves
Anoushka splits her time between being an Air Hostess and a blogger, writing about everything in between. She takes the most amazing outfit photos and is full of good advice. She prides herself on her honest reviews and access to beauty all around the world, which means you see her post daily despite having a busy schedule.

Minnie Mouse Chic
Lauren splits her time between posting outfit guides and beauty posts when she's not in University studying Sociology and Criminology which I envy as it sounds so interesting! She shows how she matches her lipstick to her fashion choices which is something I wish I could do every day.

Devoted To Pink
You probably already follow Leah on Snapchat and Instagram as she posts daily stories, but over on her blog she blogs about beauty, travel, fashion and marketing/blogging. Her blog is laid out in such a professional way and I love her Instagram bar at the bottom of her main page which displays all her amazing photos.

Bendy Mermaid
I met Beth on Twitter a year or so ago as I was introduced into the Spoonie community. She has the same chronic condition that I do (EDS) and I used to ask a lot of questions about it as I was only diagnosed less than two years ago. Beth is so funny and full of life and doesn't let life get her down which means she's a huge inspiration to me. I love reading her posts about the condition as it not only informs me about things I need to look out for but it informs others too. Oh and her beauty posts are fabulous too!