Another Degustabox arrived through my door a couple of weeks ago and I've enjoyed trying out what was on offer this month. If you want to see what has been in the previous months boxes you can see them here.

Meal Items

I've never been a fan of just throwing food in an oven and love seasoning and flavouring my meals. I'd got used to preparing food in advance to marinade but now I could use this Levi Roots Smokey BBQ Coat 'n' Cook (£1.00) sauce. All you need to do is pour it over whatever you are cooking, whether this been chicken, ribs or fish, with a few flavour options of Jerk, Ginger Beer and Smokey BBQ. If you aren't into this kind of flavour and fancied something more simple then the Heinz Kid's Pasta Sauce (£1.55) would be a good option. Or you could give it your your children if you have them. More for the kids benefit, they come in shapes like some of their favourite characters such as the Minion ones I got. The perfect partner for this sauce is the Heinz Kid's Dry Pasta Shapes (£1.19) that is made with 50% whole wheat and comes in the character shapes too. 

If you want something a little lighter and quicker then the Maggi Fusian Noodles (2 x £1.39) that can bring the taste of Asia to your kitchen. They are so handy, only taking 4 minutes to cook so would be great if you were eating on the fly. You can enjoy them in either Fiery Sweet Chilli or Aromatic Spiced Curry. Another simple option for a meal could be the IAM SOUPER (£1.49) high protein and low fat soup that are packed full of chunky, tasty ingredients. They come in 4 different flavours and are designed to keep your fuller for longer. 


Something that I'd never heard of before but turned out to be really nice were the Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks (£1.99). They are baked and made from green peas are are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and are nut free. These would be perfect as a slightly healthier snack compared to a standard bag of crisps. I liked the inclusion of the Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme (£1.00) bar in this box and it's just that bit different to your normal chocolate bars, and with it being king size bar it's bigger which I obviously prefer given that I have a sweet tooth. The cookies 'n' creme flavour is so moreish it's a great sweet treat to have in the cupboard. On the topic of chocolate, these Pitch Choco Bar (£1.40) brioche rolls were something a bit different. They have a mini bar of milk chocolate inside the roll, what's not to love about that? They could be quick snack or enjoyed as a little breakfast treat. If you wanted something more on the healthy side, then the Beloved Date Fruit Hearts (2 x £0.75) could be for you. They are made from 100% date fruit and only have a hint of natural flavouring. Counting towards your 5 a day, being gluten free and suitable for vegans, these are a great natural energy boost. 


There have been a few chocolate items in this month's box so why not have just one more? I'm sure most people will enjoy a bit of chocolate spread as a treat, so having one like the JimJams 83% Less Sugar Milk Chocolate Spread (£2.59) would give you that sweet option that you don't have to feel quite as guilty about. It's gluten free and diabetic friendly, that is also kinder to teeth. You could use this like any other chocolate spread, such as in a milkshakes or spread across your toast. The last item in this Degustabox is the Robinsons Squash'd Orange (£2.49) juice. It's a super concentrated portable squash that means you can have squash wherever you go and would be perfect to keep in your bag or take to work with you. It comes in 6 refreshing flavours and with no more than 3 calories per serving, there is no reason why you wouldn't want it.

That's it for this month's Degustabox. I think that this one have been better than the the last few months as there seems to be a lot more items that I'd want to try. If you are thinking about signing up, don't forget to enter code BLDEG15 at the checkout to get £7.00 off. 

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