I love cooking, especially being able to take restaurant classics into my kitchen at home. Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa Steakhouse London have published this guide to cooking the perfect steak, including the best steak to buy, what to look for, ingredients, cooking methods and serving suggestions that will help you to cook like a pro. I'm personally a big fan of Jamie Oliver's food content, whether it be his restaurant Jamie's Italian, his cookbooks or even his channel on YouTube called Food Tube. I follow a lot of his guides to cooking, but steak is something I'm yet to venture into. I'm definitely going to be using this guide to aid me preparing, cooking and serving a steak for my partner as steak is one of his favourite choices from the menu.

Since reading the advice, I'll definitely pick up my steak from a butcher's and ask for the feather blade as it's inexpensive but packs a lot of flavour. My partner would love it served with grilled wild mushrooms and onions as suggested, with a side of polenta chips and a glass of red wine! He loves his steak rare/medium rare so this is the perfect guide to helping me cook his favourite meal. 

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