I have a love-hate relationship with my nails. Naturally they're quite brittle, and no matter how much I take care of them or how much money I spent on expensive polishes they chip after a matter of minutes let alone hours. Over the past year or two I've been focusing on polishes that are cured under a lamp that aim to stay on the nails for about a week or two, so when Semilac got in touched I jumped at the chance to review the UV Hybrid Gel Polishes*. They retail at £7.99 each and they are an innovative combination of gel, UV and nail polish properties in a wide range of colours. They aim to offer a high gloss finish alongside superior, long-lasting performance and will revolutionise the way you manicure your nails.

I have the shades 083 Burgandy Wine, 141 Lady In Grey and 004 Classic Nude which are all shades I'd happily wear on a daily basis. Semilac boasts that you'll see benefits of up to three weeks of wear that are chip and smudge free, an easy application, high gloss finish and superior performance. Now because I knew that my nails are the problem when it comes down to polish performance, I wore my favourite false nails (Elegant Touch Bare Nails in Stiletto) to test this out as they normally last two weeks on my nails and I tend to fiddle with things more with nails on so it would be a good test for chipping. For me, they lasted the full two weeks and only one nail chipped slightly which to be honest is my fault as it happened whilst I was reorganising my makeup storage.

They were super glossy and looked so professional and it's great that they require any lamp to cure the polish so I used my LED lamp which worked exactly the same. I actually applied the colours on different fingers with one nail having an ombre look from all three polishes and then one nail with glitter on and they looked like I'd had them done in a nail salon. Having asthma that is mostly reactive when I come into contact with chemical products means that I can't go into nail boutiques so I'm over the moon with how glossy the polishes are.

The application is really easy and has less steps than my normal gel nails kit does which is obviously pleasing as you don't want to be sitting around for an hour when at home it should take less time. Semilac also do regular nail polish which you can also buy from their website here. Next time I'm stocking up on more polish colours I'm definitely going to pick up some blue and pink shades as they also look beautiful. Overall I'm really impressed, and for £7.99 for multiple uses I really don't think you can go wrong, compared with a rough price of £20 for a single treatment in a nail salon.

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