There's one thing I love about the Christmas party season, and that's getting ready for events, but there's nothing worse than your skin acting up when you need it to look amazing. I have my own routine that I've developed over numerous years to combat my combination skin and create a perfect base for my makeup. 

Making sure you have clear skin is so important. Before I apply anything to my face, I wash it either with micellar water, a makeup eraser or with a cleansing product to remove excess oil or surface dirt. Using an item such as a Magnitone to aid cleansing the face helps your get into the pores better to remove more than the eye can see, similar to using an electric toothbrush. At the end of the day I always make sure to remove my makeup in the same way and even double or triple cleanse to make sure my skin is as clean as possible. 

Sometimes you may need to apply treatments to the face, such as Panoxyl Aquagel to treat acne. It combats spots through its antibacterial action and peeling effect and can unblock pores to prevent new spots from forming. Everyone wants smooth skin, and using treatments like this can really help clear the skin. You can even buy treatment face masks to target specific areas such as purity masks etc. 

Depending on your skin type you will want to keep your skin nourished. For normal/dry skin moisturisers are good, and for combination/oily skin serums and oils often do the trick. For overnight moisturising there are leave on face masks, similar to leave on conditioner for the hair, to allow the product to sink into the skin whilst you sleep. Using these products will help further smooth the skin to create the perfect base for makeup. 

As well as making sure you apply the correct products, you need to hydrate with in. Try drinking around 2 litres of water per day to keep your skin hydrated. Drinking more water and less sugary drinks can help prevent new spots from developing too. If you're not the biggest fan of water, try a low sugar squash.

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