2017 began a few weeks ago and something was daunting on me. I still hated my blog design despite only having a new one last july. The previous design was a free one that had heavy advertisement in the footer, things were broken with it and the designer didn't care and ignored my emails and it wasn't good enough. The only thing that made me keep the design was having a feature bar at the top, but I wasn't content with how things were going.

I realised a while ago how much I wanted to turn blogging into a full time career in the future, but how could that happen with a dodgy design? The mobile function didn't work properly and displayed my posts in such a basic way it made me feel ashamed to tweet out my latest posts because I knew some people may click through whilst on their phone. I set out to find a paid for design that I could tailor to my blog and finally be happy with.

I wanted to keep a feature bar at the top, but this one automatically slides through your most recent posts which is something that I can't keep my eyes off. I can display three chosen posts underneath, and following that display some of the topics I write about. This blog has slowly been turned into more of a beauty and lifestyle blog, focusing less attention on fashion posts so I'm glad I can advertise what categories I favour. 

My sidebar only appears when you're reading a post so the website is less cluttered and in your face. The headings function actually works, the text is all aligned properly and I feel like this new layout has given the blog a more professional vibe. Even though my previous post is all about Pinterest tips, now that I've switched designs the Pinterest widget won't work so I've had to remove it. You may notice the Instagram feature in my footer which displays my recent photos there. Overall I'm head over heels for this new look and I really hope you enjoy it too.

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