Of course I have resolutions for this year, but when I reflected back to what I wanted to achieve, most of the goals were aimed towards beauty. Yes I want to do things like buy a house, read more books and exercise more but I thought it would be nice to write down what beauty goals I have for the year.

When it comes to makeup I try to mix things up a bit, but not enough. One goals is to try more coral and orange shades as they compliment my blue eyes and if blended nicely they can look absolutely stunning. Of course when I'm just nipping to the shops I'll wear neutral shadows more but I am aiming to be a bit more adventurous. On a similar note, I need to try out some different brands for makeup as I tend to find some and stick with them. I'm very brand loyal which is great when you find items you love but I do need to branch out a little sometimes.

Sometimes we all get lazy, but on the occasion I get too comfortable simply not doing things. For example, I've not had my hair cut since January 2014, a whole month before I started this blog even though two of my aunties who live half an hour away are qualified hairdressers. Where is my excuse? I don't have one apart from the fact I've clung to Pinterest photos of long hair and aspired to have Rapunzel hair.

There are things we can now do at home that were possible but not as available a few years ago. I'm aiming to whiten my teeth this year without ruining the enamel on my teeth which I definitely did about 7 years ago which made my teeth really sensitive. A few weeks ago I bought an acrylic starter kit for nails and have done my first pair on myself which is great. I don't go to nail salons since the acrylic fumes are too much for my asthma, but with a few windows open I can do my own for a fraction of the price without coughing half a lung up. I was previously using glue on stiletto nails that I painted myself but they don't last long, so I'm going to cut the stiletto top off and use them as tips. Waste not, want not.

As far as my skin is concerned, aged 23 I still have not had a daily routine that I've stuck to. If I kept using micellar water before bed, I need to use some more oils to hydrate my skin again. Aside from the fact I'm running out of my current oil, I do need to try a few more out to see what suits me best. To best prevent blemishes I'm so far drinking more water and aim to reduce my dairy intake to see if that helps, but who knows.

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