I never ventured into false lashes until I was about 16 and wanting something extra to add when I was going to parties. Nowadays I wear them to any event I wish since there are so many styles, lengths and even colours to choose from. Nouveau Lashes have sent me a few items to introduce me to the brand and I was extremely excited about one products in particular, but you'll have to read to find out which one it is.


Strip Lashes Glamour 1 (£4.95)*
The Glamour Style 1 is the most elegant style within the glamour range with each lash precise and defined. They're not too thick or long which is exactly what I like in a pair of strip lashes.

Strip Lashes Volume 2 (£4.95)*
The volume style is made for adding length and fullness to the lashes. They're lightweight lashes and my favourite style out of all three.

Strip Lashes Natural 3 (£4.95)*
The Natural 3 style is the best option to add length to lashes without compromising on the overall goal of having natural looking lashes. 

New products

Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum (£19.99)*
This conditioning serum is the "ultimate conditioner for lashes and brows" with their improved formula. It's to be used daily to improve the condition of the brows and lashes, whilst providing long-term benefits to help your lashes look longer and your brows look fuller. It has anti-oxidants in to help protect the hairs from 'environmental pollutants' and can be used underneath mascara as a primer. It's also hypoallergenic which is great for people with sensitive eyes like myself, and so far I've felt like it's really starting to work.

Eye Make-Up Remover (£14.99)*
This micellar gel remover is designed to remove the most stubborn makeup from the eye area whilst promoting healthier and thicker lashes. It's another hypoallergenic product so it's great on sensitive eyes and skin and leaves the skin near the eyes hydrated and smooth. I've had a tricky time with eye makeup removers but this one seems to work well on me without creating redness or irritation.

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