Perfumes are a personal thing, whether you wear those by your favourite brands, you love the packaging or you really enjoy the scent. When it comes to picking a fragrance I usually go for all three, so when Accessorize released their Love Lily Fragrance* (£19) I knew instantly that it would be something I would be drawn to. It's a sweet fragrance with bright and beautiful packaging, and from reviewing other perfumes such as the Monsoon Rose Gold fragrance, I had faith that it would be one for me.

The fragrance is vibrant, with juicy top notes of orange raspberry, zesty accord of bergamot, heart note of Muguet (the lily of the valley) combined with jasmine and sweet vanilla for a delicious combination. Accessorize are confident that it could become your future signature scent or a beautiful gift for others due to its fresh scent and stunning bottle design. Since the scent is very sweet and floral it's suited to me as a twenty-something and is not a mature scent in any way, so it would suit a large audience.

The outer packaging is hot pink with bright flowers and leaves, which in itself screams spring and summer. It's eye catching and would for sure make me want to see awhat was inside, and it did scream to the hoarder in me to keep the box. The bottle is hexagon-shaped with a flower cap that looks almost like a real flower is inside it. The packaging overall fits the scent so well and even when it runs out I'll be keeping the bottle just for the design.

For 75ml, it's an affordable fragrance that most people will love. It's not sickly sweet and makes for the perfect Instagram photos, I must say! The name LoveLily is a lovely way to round off the perfume is worth trying out of yourself. It's a great fragrance for everyday use and I only use a few spritz which lasts all day, which is great as I've been looking for something to replace a Kate Moss perfume that I can no longer find to repurchase.

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