L'Oréal has to be one of my favourite affordable makeup brands, so I’m always keeping an eye out for their new releases. Seeing the Infallible Paint Eyeshadows in store, I couldn’t help picking up a few to try. First up, I’ll say the colour selection in this line isn’t great. There is a brown shimmer shade, which I couldn’t get my hands on, which seems to be one of the most popular shades. There are, however, lots of bright, fun colours. So if you are someone who likes to experiment with their shadow colour, this line might be good for you to try.

The shades I picked up are 101 Eternal White; a light shimmery, ice white shade, 202 Keep on Khaki, a rich khaki shade with lots of reflects, and 203 Iconic Silver, a dark grey with silver shimmer. 

These eye paints are a liquid shadow, formulated to be highly pigmented and blendable. They come with a doe foot applicator, which has a slight point, to help with targeted pigmentation. They are longwearing, lightweight and smooth. In the promotional material for this product L'Oréal market these to be able to be used as both an eyeshadow and an eyeliner. For me, I think the shades work best as shadows, or shadow bases, than as liners. I have tried applying as a liner, which although gives a good effect, can get fiddly which the large applicator. 

I can see myself wearing the shade 101 Eternal White the most. I love the fact that you can use this shadow as a slight wash of colour for the day, or build it up for a striking bright shade for the evening. 

When I purchased the shades I thought I was going to love 202 Keep on Khaki more than I do. My problem with this shade, which I have found with all the brighter shades, is that it is just too pigmented. It is hard to just get a wash of colour across the lid with this shade. I also find that I need other shades, like a deep brown for the crease of the eye, to make this wearable. I was hoping that these Eye Paints would be easy ‘pop on and go’ products, so having to use other shadows alongside isn’t ideal. 

The final shade I picked up was 203 Iconic Silver. This shade isn’t exactly silver, more of a dark chrome, grey with silver flecks. I really like this shade as a base for other shades, but probably wouldn’t wear it alone. For a super smokey, dark evening look, I like to work grey tones and a matte black into the crease of the eye, leaving this shade to do all the talking on the lid. 

Overall I have been incredibly impressed with the longevity and blendability of these products. They might not be the easy, one-swipe, wash of colour I was initially hoping for, but for building into a dramatic look they are great. I am hoping that L'Oréal bring out some new shades in this collection, like a bronze or a rose gold, that way I could see myself reaching for these each and everyday!

So do you think that you will be trying out the L'Oréal Infallible Paint Eyeshadows? Let us know in the comments below!