When it comes to wearing makeup, brows have always been my biggest nightmare. I'm naturally blonde so my brows without tinting them are so sparse and light as you get closer to the start of the brow that you can barely see them. It takes me so long to fill in my brows that sometimes I don't bother to wear makeup at all as a little rebellion against doing them. Rimmel have brought out Brow Shake Filling Powders (£5.99)* to help you achieve bold, sculpted brows without taking an age to apply. To me this said Laura, you can do you brows in less than five minutes!

They come in four shades; Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Soft Black. For me, Light Brown and Medium Brown are the best matches and I can use Light Brown at the start of the brow and fade in the Medium brown towards the arch and tail to create a more natural looking brow. Rimmel doesn't have a huge shade range when it comes to brows anyway but they're affordable enough to try out a shade if you're unsure to see if it works for you. To apply the Brow Shake Filling Powders you shake the packaging to disperse the powder well, draw on your lines then fill and define the brows. There is a fair bit of fallout with this product since it is a powder with a small applicator but if you brush away the fallout it doesn't seem to smudge. 

I do wish the applicator was taped to get a more precise line but overall I'm really pleased with the overall result of the Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powders. Technically you could use these as eyeliners but since there is fallout I'd advise using a small brush to pick up the product if you were to do this to avoid the powder getting into your eyes. I've actually started to tint my brows at home and it means the Light Brown and Medium Brown shades match my brows even more which is saving even more time in front of the mirror. If you want to pick up a shade or two, they're available now at Superdrug for £5.99 each but they're on 3 for 2 at the moment!

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