When I started wearing makeup I wore the bare minimum given that there wasn't a ton of options out there. I knew that I had to set my makeup with powder as my foundation used to wear off pretty quickly. These days I can confidently go out knowing that my makeup will last all day with thanks to setting sprays. Urban Decay have developed an exclusive partnership with Skindinavia in the form of their makeup setting sprays. They've been tried and tested, and came out with three setting sprays to ensure makeup lasts all day or night with weightless spray mists. There are three light-as-air and high-tech formulas; All Nighter, De-Slick and Chill.

The All Nighter spray* which I'm reviewing keeps makeup looking gorgeous and freshly applied for up to sixteen hours without fading, sinking into fine lines or melting. Studies that L'Oréal carried out showed that 78% of participants said it helped their makeup last for 16 hours. Personally, I don't tend to time my makeup application but from looking back, using the All Nighter spray my makeup lasts all day until I take my makeup off which is probably around 12-16 hours. The only touch up I need is to powder my t-zone because I have combination skin, but this is where the De-Slick spray comes in. It controls oil, keeps skin looking beautiful and deflects surface shine. 85% of the participants sad it's the longest lasting oil-control product they've ever used which is amazing results! When it comes to oil control I think it's difficult as your skincare regime plays a big part too.

The last setting spray is the Chill spray which features time-release technology to cool the surface of your makeup to help it last for up to 12 hours without setting into fine lines or smudging. In the study, 83% of participants said the Chill setting spray helped their makeup last for twelve hours without it moving or sinking into fine lines. I've never tried a cooling makeup setting spray before so it would be interesting to see how it worked in person.

Whilst you may notice that these sprays have been out for a while, they've recently repackaged the products to give them a modern vibe. They come in a black soft-touch bottle with a purple 'sprayer' and frosted white outer cap. Although the photo I've included as a comparison is a different setting spray (the All Nighter vs De-Slick), you can see how beautiful the new design is. The old bottles got dirty quickly because they were white, they didn't stand out and were needing some modernisation. 

Another great feature of these setting sprays is that you can wet your brush with one of them before you apply eyeshadow for it to increase the colour intensity and have even longer wear of it. This is because the spray is made up of a microfine mist to goes on light enough so that you can barely feel it. I've never been hugely fond of any other branded setting sprays before and after using the All Nighter spray and the De-Slick spray, I am more confident that my makeup will last without needing a powder touch up for quite a while. They're available on the Urban Decay Website for £23.50 each.

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