Over the past couple of weeks, I've been trying out what the March Degustabox* has to offer. As soon as I opened the box I was really pleased as they had a good mix of healthy items and treats as well as a few interesting drinks. If you want to see the previous months items you can flick through my previous posts.

Meal Items

The Heinz Seriously Good Sauce (£1.99) in the creamy tomato and garlic flavour looked really interesting and something I hadn't seen before. They have a nice smooth texture in a handy jar which came in really useful. I paired this with chicken which made it super easy to finish off the meal. The other meal item included this month was the Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes (£1.50). A few years ago I never knew that you could buy different types of salt in our shops. Since getting into my cooking more recently I've discovered that salt can make a real different to the taste of your food, so I can definitely see myself using in many meals.


The product of the month in this box was the Dairy Milk Oreo bar (2 x £1.49) which came both in peanut butter and mint flavours. It was hard not to open these to test them out until I'd got my photos sorted! The mint one was a great combination and a great sweet treat and is like Aero bars but ten times better. I wasn't too keen on the peanut butter one, but this isn't surprising seen as I'm not keen on anything peanut butter flavoured. I am pretty confident that anyone who does like their peanut butter would love this bar. Another chocolatey product was the £onepounders Chocolate Eclairs (£1.00) which comes in a decent sized sharing bag and all come individually wrapped so can just grab one or two when you get a craving.

I've always keen to try out some of the more premium crisps as they often have much more flavour to them, so these Pipers Crisps (£2.00) were a good one this month. They are the cider vinegar and sea salt flavour which are one of the classics but still a great choice, and I'd be sure to buy them. Something a bit more on the healthy side is the Whitworths Super CACAO RAW BARS (£1.50) which are packed with almonds, flakes of coconut, chai seeds, golden flax seeds, quinoa and acai. These are gluten free, contain no soy and are suitable for vegetarians. The last snacks item was from The Jelly Bean Factory (£1.49) which contains 36 gourmet flavours of beans, made using natural flavours. I've always liked jelly beans so I'm looking forward to popping these open to test them out.


One of the trends at the minute seem to involve breakfast drinks for a quick and effortless start to the day, so I wasn't too surprised when the Weetabix On The Go drinks were included again, with a standard (£1.39) and extra protein (£1.99) one being included. They have been specially created to 'bring you a great start on days when you just can't stop', which is ideal for those who live busy lives. If you wanted a refreshing and energising drink, then there is the Gusto Organic Lemon Energy (£1.50) that is designed to deliver taste, stimulation and wellbeing. It's sweetened with agave nectar, apple and grape juice and could be a refreshing drink for spring. There were a couple of Westons Ciders (2 x £1.99) included which came in a smaller 330ml size. The Pure Hopped Cider is a collaboration between Westons Cider and Purity Brewing to give a hopping aroma with a well balanced smooth taste. The Caple RD Dry Cider Blend No 5 is a complex dry matured that is matured up to 18 months to give it's flavour.

A drink that caught my eye was the Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk (£1.89). It's a handy size and I've been looking forward to trying this for a while now as I've seen it advertised on a few health blogs. The last item in the March Degustabox was Naturelly (£1.19) which contains 100% of the recommendation daily intake of Vitamin C and is suitable for children aged 12 months and above. I wasn't entirely sure where to place this product as you can enjoy it as a jelly snack, drink or dessert so it's a rather flexible item. If you want to get your hands on your own box, be sure to use my discount code 0GAWD to save yourself £7.00!

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