In the fashion world, dupes come around pretty quickly. Normally I see how things pan out before jumping on a trend, but when the Gucci Jordaan Leather Loafers inspired a lot of high street stores to make similar loafers, I had to pick up a pair. The Gucci Jordaan Leather Loafer comes in at £540 as a new edition to the Horsebit Loafer with a slimmer shape and Horsebit detail. I found a dupe that is 18x cheaper, and available in store and online.

The New Look Black Leather Metal Trim Loafers were £29.99, on sale for £13 made of real leather, and also come in grey and pink or there is a similar pair here and suede versions too. They is a huge price difference here between these and the Gucci alternatives, and it's clear you won't get the same quality of shoe. However, for someone who dips in and out of trends but seems to collect shoes, they're the perfect shoe for daily or occasional wear. In my mind I love them but I also hate them, as they remind me of something my Grandmother would wear, but with a modern twist I could style these up great.

I know they're not for everyone, but I've put together a list of similar shoes depending on the price point and style, plus other colours that would look amazing in the summer. I'm tempted to pick up a pale pink pair too as they don't look as formal. A similar trend is the floral embroidered look and I've added some of these in below as I have fallen hard for this trend this season so far. 

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