I love travelling, and one part that I love is the planning and preparation for it. I actually have a go-to checklist as I always forget about things like mirrors and hand luggage items that I always need. Since I received these items from Mad Beauty I now have some items stored in a travel makeup bag so that there is no way I will forget them again. Mad Beauty sent over a variety of items from both the Beauty Biscuits and the Animal collections and I'm so glad they're all affordable as there's nothing worse than buying items for your holiday and finding out the 'travel' items are so much more expensive.

I love the print on the Beauty Biscuits range and it just looks so British and kitsch. The prints are inspired by British Biscuits such as party rings, custard creams and bourbons (the best biscuit!). One item I'm definitely taking with me on holiday is the Beauty Biscuits Mirror that looks like a chocolate digestive. I always take eyeshadow palettes with me when I'm away and rely on the mirrors to apply my makeup, but the last few times I've been away the palettes either haven't had a mirror or it's been dusty from powder fallout so I've needed a 'fresh mirror'. This biscuit mirror comes in a two pack for £2.99. Another biscuit-themed item is the Mini Nail File which is £1.99 and actually contains six miniature nail files, making it great as a travel product. Nobody needs to take a giant nail file, especially some of the professional ones that are heavier, so taking this little pack or even just one of the files inside will mean you're travelling lighter.

The most adorable items in the Beauty Biscuits range are the Lip Balms (£3.50) and I have the custard cream and bourbon-inspired ones. Every time I fly I make sure to pack items that will hydrate my skin, as the air conditioning both on the plane and in hot countries can really dehydrate your skin. Air conditioning and fans really dry out my lips and make them chapped and that's not good when you've packed bright coral lipsticks that you want to make the most out of. Another hand luggage item is the Hand Sanitizer in the Beauty Biscuits print. This is the best item in the collection and it smells of strawberry and isn't sticky like most of its kind, hurrah! At £2.99 I'd definitely recommend picking up the cherry and vanilla ones too.

The product I was most excited about trying was the Animal Head Bands in the Panda design (there's also a tiger and a dog). I have fairly frizzy hair and it always gets in my face when I do my makeup. As the panda band (£3.50) is made of a soft towel-like fabric that keeps my hair out of my face and doesn't leave you with kinks like a metal or plastic hairband would. It would be a great item to keep in your hand luggage to keep your hair out of your face while you fly. The final product is the Animask Face Mask in the dog design (£2.99). It's enriched with coconut oil to nourish and hydrate the skin and has a dog print on the sheet mask itself which is kind of quirky. I'm not too sure I'd apply it on a daytime flight for the looks!

I love how Mad Beauty have used unique designs to get them noticed, with the products available on ASOS too! They're definitely products I enjoy using but they'd make great presents for people too. They make other items like Disney themed items and gift sets which you can purchase from their website.

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